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January 24, 2012

Flirty Feathers

I don't know about you all but I am obsessed with anything feathers. So much so that a friend of mine recently called me a "bird"... I don't think she meant that as a compliment but I took it as one anyway :) Today I wanted to blog some super fun feather pieces as well as ways to incorporate feathers into your everyday outfits without looking like you're trying too hard.

Trendy Feather Blazer


Statement Feather Necklace


Simple Solid Color Tee with Feather Detail


Soft and Girly Feather Vest


Black Feather Skirt


Sexy Feather Pump

September 15, 2011

It's been a while

Hey guys, so I know I've been a super big slacker when it comes to blogging lately but I promise to be more regular from now on. I've recently moved and it caused my entire schedule to shift. On top of all that one of my dearest friends came to visit me in LA and since we haven't seen one another in such a long time, we had to do it up! Did I mention I also celebrated my birthday? I turned 21....AGAIN can you believe it?

Anyway today I wanted to talk Maxi dresses and to share with you all, my undying love for this style! I'll never forget when I got my first maxi....it was 5 years ago in Orlando, FL at Stahli Boutique and the dress was this crazy turquose print with flowers by none other than T-Bags of Los Angeles. Since then I've collected a bunch in virtually every color.

What I love most about them is that they flatter any body type and on any type of day. Whether you feel fat or skinny, whether you're going to the mall or to dinner, most of the time a maxi is a way to go. Of course not all maxis are created equal in a sense that the patterns may be inappropriate for some occasions, but the design itself is definite do for pretty much everywhere.

**I also totally love wearing them after a spray tan because the tan doesn't rub off too much on the dress as it otherwise would onto a tight tank or jeans!

Here my friend B is demonstrating just how to rock a maxi and look fab while doing it. I personally absolutely adore her hair up in a bun like that, huge shades and minimal jewelry. To me...that's THE way to rock this look.This dress does not need anymore attention with that type of pattern! It makes quite a statement on its own.

Also I don't think that there's one celeb that has not been spotted wearing a maxi dress. Names including the Kardashians, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Eva Langoria have all been photographed incorporating this style into their looks.

As I had mentioned my preference when it comes to these designs is for T-Bags and Sky brands. Both are ironcially based in Los Angeles, but what can I say? Cali knows it's fashion!

Below you will find a few style options by T-Bags of Los Angeles and Sky. If you want more information just click on the photos and you'll be redirected to their respected sites.


June 16, 2011

Suit Up!

Last night while having dinner with a friend I realized that I haven’t done a post on office fashions yet! Unbelievable I know! My friend S is an attorney and I always commend her on her fashion sense because she takes the whole attorney stereotype and quite frankly throws it out of the window. Although she’s professional in her attire, she is anything but boring.

So what’s the secret to looking sharp and sexy in office apparel? It’s the fit. Fit is the most important part to making an otherwise boring suit look appealing. Whatever your body shape may be, you need to find out what it is that best suits your figure. If you are on the shorter curvier side, avoid wide pants especially those that flare at the bottom. Also don’t wear low waisted trousers because they’ll make your legs look even shorter. Instead opt for more high waisted pant that is more straight and fitted. In addition, if you wear a skinny pant with a chunky platform heel make sure to wear a long boyfriend style blazer that way you don’t look like you’re about to go out on the town by showing off your ASSets.

If you’re not blessed in the height department (like me) stay away from skirts that drop down below your knee, they’ll make you look wider and even shorter than you really are. Instead go for skirts that fall just above the knee. If you’re tall, you can really play around with your fashions because luckily for you, pretty much any type of trouser or skirt would look great on long legs. Look for more examples of do’s and don’ts below! Some great brands to look out for when shopping for a suit are D&G, Theory (my personal fav!), Ellie Tahari, Express, Aqua, BCBG and last but not least St. John Yellow Label.


May 02, 2011

Balenciaga vs. Express

March 17, 2011

Color blocking with the 70's

These three pieces from the Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 collection further attest the expansion of the 70's trend and provide some additional options for how to wear it. One particular thing that caught my eye here is the color blocking of bright patterns and how fabulous it looks. Such clean lines and dramatic colors ? The thick, yet sleek gold accent in the middle? Ah! Dying right now are you not!? Before you go googling away and come to a halt once you see the prices of these outfits, which will run you at least $5000 each, I found some amazing goodies I wanted to share with you all that won't even come close to breaking the bank. I went to the mall today to get a couple of accessories for my outing tonight and wondered into the BCBG Final Cut store. I couldn't believe what I saw. They just got in these awesome skirts in all kinds of vibrant colors and the price? $29 each!!! I grabbed the lime green one bc I thought the color was absolutely stunning. After walking around the store for a couple more minutes I wondered over to their $9 rack and found this beautiful, ultra feminine top for yes...$9! Instantly I thought 70's, Spring Season and Gucci. My second thought was I had to share these bargains with you guys! Now when I got home I decided to pair it with a white blazer that I love to include in any outfit and red heels. Before you lecture me on the "3 color max rule" take into account that this season is all about mixing colors and the more the better, as long as they are all somewhat around the same color scheme as in all brights or all darks. I popped some gold accessories on there to give the outfit a little sparkle and bam... Gorgeous, trendy and on a budget! My mustard colored Michael Kors bag found its way toward the outfit as it always does nowadays because I'm kind of obsessed with it and favor it even over my louis'..

I thought the end product was phenomenal. Now for those of you who remain hesitant about incorporating so many colors in one outfit, you don't have to use them all to look chic this Spring. Take the green skirt and match it with a simple white top as did Jessica Biel in this photo.

February 24, 2011

Stunning Yellows

One of my favorite things to wear once the weather gets warm is a light, fun, flirty dress. I love ruffles and all the bright colors that spring brings. Moreover I love the feeling of silk again my skin.. I mean what girl doesn't! In particular, shades of yellow and orange are coming back this Spring with the revival of the 70's look and many celebrities like Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad have all been spotted wearing the bright color on and off the red carpet.

There are some great pieces available out there right now with the spring being just around the corner and all, so I thought I would share some treasures that I've found in my closet as well as in stores to get you into the spring mood!

Finally, last but not least is one of my own favorite yellow dresses by none other than Alice + Olivia. (I swear they need to pay me for the amount of promotion I do for that brand) No but in all seriousness, I don't think I've ever found a dress or any item for that matter, made by that brand that I didn't absolutely adore. This dress has stunning ruffle detail on the back. It is just perfect for daytime events, I've worn it to a Sunday brunch and received at least a dozen compliments! It goes great with flip flops or sandals, as well as backless heels. You can throw a light sweater over it if you need to or a light, wide scarf to cover your shoulders.

Also lucky for you I have 2 extra dresses like the one pictured above in my closet with tags on them. They are size S + L and I will be posting details for them in my boutique section shortly. If you love bargains, fashion and Alice + Olivia just as much as I do then make sure to go and bid! All of my auctions start at $10 and 30% of all proceeds go to charity! Meanwhile if you have any questions or want to share some fabulous bargains that you've scored yourself lately email me or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

February 18, 2011

Hello world!

So this being my first blog entry and all I thought I would do something fun and a little personal as in raiding my own closet.... Spring is around the corner, and I don't know about you but I'm totally ready to shed the jackets, scarves and gloves for something lighter and quite frankly sexier. I mean Kim Kardashian can pull off the whole sexy hot Audrey Hepburn thing in that stunning white Stella McCartney coat but us average gals are over it. Instead of going on a spending spree right away my plan for spring started with organizing my closet because as I've discovered lately there are some hidden treasures in there with tags on them.... Amongst my fabulous finds, once again courtesy of Mi Closet (I should probably mention that I'm learning Spanish and will constantly annoy you with bilingual if not trilingual sentences) I found a gorgeous Juicy Sheath Dress and thanks to Google I was able to find an actual model photo of it.
With it being so black though it's hard to wear during spring time without looking like you're ready to go to a funeral....so I do what I always do when in doubt..... accessorize. I found a gorge red belt I had laying around that I bought from Nordstrom ages ago, threw it on there, added a little neckline sparkle with a chain from Forever 21 which cost me literally like $5, dug into my shoe selection to find a pair of fabulous Christian Dior mini heels and Voila!
From boring to chic in minutes. Now the trick here is not going out and buying new stuff, using what you have first and spending only in emergencies (which for us fashionistas is like every day but still!) Also take into account that my personal model for this "shoot" is a headless mannequin otherwise I would have totally put some earrings on her to pick up the gold of the necklace and my "model" also has absolutely no bubbies otherwise the dress would've been more form fitting. I'll def. take a pic when I wear it, not that I have "bubbies" but it just looks a lot better on a human... :)
If you have a plain black dress in your closet that I know every girl does, whether it's Wetseal or Gucci (or Juicy in my case) it doesn't matter, you can dress it up to look like a million bucks with the right touch of accessories. I'd love to see the styles you come up with so submit your photos and I'll post my favorite 3 pics on here!
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